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Efficient, economical and friendly moving services

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In business since 1999, and Angie's list award winners year over year, we are a Latino family owned business that strives to provide a friendly, efficient and economic moving services for a smooth, stress-free move. Geta a quote for our Moving Services or call us today at 317-656-1758

Try our new Junk Removal & Hauling Services.Junk Removal & Hauling Services.  Get a Quote for this new service. Get a Junk Removal & Hauling Services!

Our mission and focus continues to be to provide a friendly, economical and efficient moving services to our customers. Quite simple!! We do love what we do and during moves we treat and care for your items as they were our own.

J Lopez Moving
Top 10 movers in Noblesville, IN

JLopezMoving has been recognized with many awards thru the years. In 2023 we were presented with the top 10 movers in Noblesville for the second  consecutive year and are humble to continue being an Angie's List Super Service Award winner for 6 years. Our customers tell our story:

"The movers were very prompt and professional, they were also very careful with the furniture and belongings, not to mention the weather was bone chilling, they got the job done, Was very pleased with the service."

Angies List customer

Residential Moving

Residential Moving Serices

Cleaning Services

Indianapolis Moving Services

Packing and Boxing

We will pack and provide boxing items for your move


We will wrap your items with care


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2 Movers

1 Medium Truck


Packing, Wrapping, Cleaning (as needed)

Ideal for Small and Medium < 3000 sqft

*Packing Boxes not included

* Total Price calculated based on duration of move




3 Movers

Large Truck


Packing, Wrapping, Cleaning (as needed)

Ideal for Small and Medium > 3000 sqft

*Packing Boxes not included

* Total Price calculated based on duration of move




3 or More

Large Truck


Packing, Wrapping, Cleaning (as needed)

Ideal for Small and Medium >= 5000 sqft

*Packing Boxes not included

* Total Price calculated based on duration of move




Movers based on Job

Call for a Quote

Moving Office Furniture

Disassemble, Boxing, Packing, Wrapping

Services based on need

*We can estimate packing and needed material

*Total Price calculated on duration of Office Move

  • About JLopez Moving Company

    2021 was still a great year for JLopez moving and JLopez Moving Co helped many residential customers and businesses with their moving and relocation needs.

    We are finishing the year strong and looking forward to continue servicing our customers(many of them returning customers) with their moving and relocation needs.  

    Our mission and focus continues to be to provide a friendly, economical and efficient  moving services to our customers.  Quite simple!!  We do love what we do and during moves we treat and care for your items as they were our own.

    Despise the difficult business challenges, we  are very proud as we were awarded 2021 Angie's list Super Service award for the sixth consecutive year. We at JLopez Moving Co are super proud and this  tell us that our hard work, customer care and quality of our moving services is making our customer happy. 

    Again thanks to our customers.

  • Packing

    Packing and boxing are obviously a critical part of your move and JLopez moving specialists can assist you in packing and boxing your belongings.   We are experienced movers and can efficiently do it  and include it as part of our moving service.  We also can provide needed boxes.  Indicate when you create the Quote or talk to us that you will need this service and we can add it to the estimates.  Geta Quote Today!

  • Cleaning Services

    We love cleaning!! and understand that cleaning is also part of the move when you deliver your old apartment or house.   Our cleaning services are performed by our our same movers and  billed on a time and material basis or if needed by our sister company - Maid Cleaning Services.  Please add your details when you create the quote request. Get a Quote Today!

  • Business Services

    Indianapolis, Movers, Business, Office, Minority, Reviews

    We have helped many small to midsize companies relocate to new offices space.  Our movers are qualified to disassemble office furniture such as cubicles, desks, or tables.

    We can also help with cleaning services.   Get a Quote today and tell us about your office moving needs.

  • Wrapping

    As part of the move, we bring wrapping rolls to wrap some of your furniture items.  We also can work with you on special and fragile furniture items that need special care.   JLopez Moving services will treat your items with special care as if they were our own and move them with special care.  Get a Quote Today!

Residential Moving

JLopez we will move you to your new house or apartment and treat your belongings as they were ours.



With over 15 years of experience we understand that your items need to be packaged with lots of care.  As part of our hourly rates, we can assist with packing your items to protect them during the move.


We are experience with wrapping your items to avoid scratches and damage.   We provide the packing and wrapping materials and include it as part of our services.

Office and Business Services

Please ask for a quote to help you move your office.  As part of this service, we help you disassemble needed office furniture, pack and wrap your office items and move them and install them to the new office space.

We have experience doing small to midsize office across the Indy Metro area.  Please provide all details in your quote or call us and one of our sales representatives will get back to you.



We understand the business and know that cleaning the place can be time consuming post move activity that we can do with lots of detail so you can deliver your old house or apartment in perfect shape.  This service also include as part of our hourly rates.   

Get a quote today or call us at 317-340-4554.

JLopez Moving - Junk Removal and Hauling Services

JLopez Moving co provides  junk removal and hauling services tailored to meet your needs.

Our experienced team specializes in clearing out residential and commercial spaces, handling everything from furniture and appliances to construction debris and yard waste. Trust us for hassle-free cleanouts and responsible disposal solutions.

Junk Removal and Hauling Services:

Why Choose JLopez?:

  • Professional and reliable service
  • Eco-friendly disposal practices
  • Competitive pricing with transparent quotes

Learn more about our new offering.

Indianapolis Junk Removal & Hauling Services | JLopez Moving Co


  • Residential Junk Removal: Clearing out unwanted items from homes, including attics, basements, garages, and yards.

  • Commercial Junk Removal: Clearing out office spaces, retail locations, construction sites, and other commercial properties.

  • After Move: Assisting with cleanouts, handling items after a move, or dealing with inherited belongings(Estate Cleanouts).

  • Foreclosure Cleanouts: Clearing out properties that have been foreclosed or abandoned.

  • Appliance and Electronics Removal: Disposing of old appliances, TVs, computers, and other electronics in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Furniture Removal: Removing old or unwanted furniture items, including couches, tables, mattresses, and more.

  • Our customers tell our Story 2020

    indianapolis, movers, moving, angles list super service, latino, hispanic, owned, price

    " These guys are great. They care about what they're moving and treat it with care. To say they work tirelessly would be an understatement. This move took about 13 1/2 hours! The only problem was at the very end of the night our wine fridge got damaged - it was merely an accident and the company is replacing the item. Awesome group to work with! Highly recommend! "

  • Super Service Award 2020

    " I highly recommend! Communication from day 1 was always great. Immediate responses to
    all emails. Price was exactly as agreed upon. Movers worked hard, we’re very friendly and
    polite. Will hire again if needed!!! Thank you JLopez!! "

  • Super Service Award Winner 2018

    indianapolis, movers, moving, angles list super service, latino, hispanic, owned, price

    " This was the second time I worked with JLopez Moving. All I can say is that Johnny and his team are OUTSTANDING!! They moved me in 2017 and then moved me again in 2019 and I was so happy that they were available to assist. They are professional, courteous, timely, kind, and gentle with my property. They provided their suggestions ahead of time to allow me to make the appropriate plans, but did everything in their power to also minimize my expenses. You will make a wise choice with Jlopez. "

  • Super Service Award 2017

    " 2movers spent 6 hours moving bedroom , dining room , living room furniture and kitchen things. Disassembled mirrors from dressers and took off headboards from beds. Moved from a3rd story apt( without an elevator) to a 4th floor apt that did have an elevator. Reassembled all mirrors and headboards. Move went very well. They were polite and hard working "

  • super service award 2016

    JLOPEZ MOVINGCO" Lopez Moving was awesome! I would highly recommend. They took great care with our
    furnishings and worked really hard. Even came back the next day when we mis-judged how
    long it would take to move our things. "

  • More reviews

    " Everything went well. Mr Lopez was punctual and his 2 men were efficient. The whole move
    took 8 hours including travel which took more than an hour from greenwood to Carmel. All
    in all I am very satisfied with the service. "

Our companies and Business Partners

Lopez Landscaping is part of the Lopez family owned businesses network  that includesour other sister companies  

IndyLatina Maid Services

JLopez Fencing and Landscaping

JLopez Garage and Handyman services

Our quality services have been the main differentiator  and why our customers return for our services.   Our new venture of Lopez landscaping is an extension to our line of services to continue serving the Indianapolis and surrounding area.

And our key partner Agave Consulting Group that has helped us with our digital strategies for over 10 years.


Agave Consulting Group